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New York Senate fails to call a vote on medical marijuana

Dear MPP Supporter :

Thank you so much to all of you for your hard work. It has really shown throughout the year and in the past several weeks. Yesterday, the New York state legislature returned for special session, and we had hoped the Senate Democratic leadership would bring S. 8427, MPP’s medical marijuana legislation, up for a vote. Unfortunately, that did not happen, and the legislature tackled only a very limited agenda. When we wrote to you last week, we thought yesterday would be the last day the Senate would meet under the leadership of Democratic Majority Conference Leader John Sampson, but there are reports that the legislature will return once more in a couple of weeks.

Please call Sen. Sampson to ask that he not leave patients as criminals when the session ends, and that he let this compassionate bill get a vote. Please also ask your senator to urge Sen. Sampson to finally give this bill a vote, and to support the bill in that vote.

New York patients have waited 13 long years for medical marijuana legislation to be voted on in the full Senate. Some have already passed away without their state making their medicine legal. Please let Sen. Sampson know how upset you are that a vote has not been called, and ask him to call a vote before the holidays.

Thank you for all of your support and for raising your voice for compassion. Please also pass this message on to your friends and family.


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